An Invitation to our new Molmic Gallery

Molmic designs, craftsmanship and care are founded on the purpose of what they make – furniture that assumes an integral place in people’s lives.

Not only must Molmic pieces serve a functional purpose, they endeavour to give them a life of their own.

For over 25 years Molmic have been inspired to design you the very best in sofas and living furniture. Sears Morton has been serving Canberra for over 60 years so this gallery partnership represents the very best in Australian furniture and service.

At Sears Morton, we are proudly committed to our Aussie heritage and showcasing the best Australian furniture.

Molmic Gallery


Barker sofa. Simply stunning.

Barker Tailored Smart style. Australian made.

Sophisticated lounging sees the release of new model Barker, a tailored look is created by the piping and slimline timber plinth.

Rydell sofa. Classic style.

Rydell Retro style, Australian made.

Thick padded feather filled cushions in soft texture chenille evoke the inviting sink in style of the 1970’s lounge seating, whilst elegant thin shelter arms create a sleek touch.

Shona sofa. Elegantly casual.

Casual living for the Australian lifestyle. Australian made .

The shona will compliment any living space, versatile, with a focus on comfort and functionality,so many options

Dune Chair

From an accent piece to a commercial setting Dune is at home anywhere.

Versatility in design and construction. Created for residential or commercial interiors, Dune features a functional swivel base and is perfectly suited to fabric textures like felt, velvet and leather

Hudson sofa

Casual living for the all Australian lifestyle.

Designed to compliment any living space, with a versatility in design and construction. For all living spaces, this is a true family sofa

Lavander chair. Personal touch.

A conversation piece at home or work.

It's all about personalising your space, Molmic chairs are designed with different influences in mind. Your chair can live anywhere, living, bedroom, hotel suite, vignette or quiet corner. We love them as pairs too to complete your styling. You can be creative too with so many decorative fabric choices available.