Industry Partners

At Sears Morton, we work with a carefully selected group of industry partners, using their high-quality products to ensure the best results for our customers.

We use Dunlop foams in all of our upholstered furniture, including seatbacks, armrest overlays, and cushions. This proven industry leader manufactures top-quality foam products that are perfect for domestic and commercial furniture and provide enhanced comfort and support.
The reliable Enduro foam range is uniquely created for such furniture, while the Marathon range is ideal for general use. At Sears Morton, we only use the best materials in all our products. The versatility of Marathon, which offers a range of foam densities, ensures the utmost comfort and durability.

At Designs in Timber, we protect our timber furniture with Mirotone’s leading stain products, coating the wood with their high-performance polyurethane coatings. As a leading supplier of wood coatings, Mirotone’s products are perfect for domestic and commercial furniture and will ensure that everything from tables and chairs to beds and cabinets always look their best.
Mirotone delivers a high-gloss finish, with the coating available in both clear and pigmented varieties. Used on furniture, this innovative and incredibly easy to apply product will protect the wood, making it more durable.

Britton’s timbers are sourced from suppliers who identify environmental sustainability as a principle factor in any current or future operations in the forest products industry. Timbers are sourced principally from forests with international certification.
Britton Timbers sources all of its Tasmanian timber from the sustainably-managed and PEFC certified temperate forests of the north-west region of the state.

NSW Leather Co supplies an extensive range of upholstery leathers with ranges that are perfectly suited for the commercial & residental furniture , homewares ,interior design & architectural industries.
NSW Leathers are suppliers from top quality European tanneries that conform to the highest specifications in regards to environment friendliness.

Warwick is our industry partner of choice for beautiful fabric for chair covers, upholstered cushions, and armrests and their experience in the fabric business means they’re perfectly placed to offer fabric care advice. When it comes to taking care of your furniture and fabrics, it’s important to use the right methods and products to ensure that you don’t damage the fabric.
If you spill something on your furniture, it’s best to treat the stain as soon as possible, to prevent it from seeping into the fabric any further. You should always test a small area first, to make sure you don’t inadvertently remove the colour or any of the material, gently mopping up excess liquid and scraping away any dirt. Excessive use of soap and water could watermark your fabric, so it’s best not to be too enthusiastic with the cleaning.
It’s also advisable to wipe clean leather furniture on a regular basis, and to keep furniture and delicate fabrics away from direct sunlight to avoid fading. Care labels should also be checked before cleaning any fabric to ensure you don’t damage them.