Germany’s finest at your fingertips

Himolla Furniture is the pride of German home solutions – peerless in their luxurious form and ergonomic function, without a single compromise in quality or craftsmanship.

Himolla’s unique design philosophy lends itself to any interior, lending an undeniable air of distinction and class to whichever room their pieces find themselves in. This distinct aesthetic, coupled with Himolla’s incredibly plush and supportive cushioning and internal structure, make these German masterpieces a must-have for the discerning traveller seeking a well-deserved respite after a long day or night.

Sears Morton is proud to continue its decades-long commitment to providing the very best furniture solutions from all corners of the globe.

Himolla Gallery

The Chester

Quintessential Himolla form and function. Truly a pleasure to recline in.

The Eden

Versatile and elegant. The Eden can be customised to your heart’s content.

The Flinders

Timeless design, supreme comfort. A luxurious, minimalist masterpiece.

The Levens

Casual and classy. A piece for the whole family or a cosy night-in at home.

The Roy

Ergonomic, distinct and bold. An accent chair with incredibly diverse functionality.

The London

Adaptable and discerning. A tailor-made, European swivel chair for the ages.