Custom Made Timber Dining Settings

Exquisite hand crafted furniture

Sears Morton has been furnishing Canberra homes with the finest quality furniture since 1959

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At Sears Morton, we know it can be difficult finding the perfect piece of furniture.

Often you will find something that is almost perfect, but it is too small, or large, or the shade isn't quite suitable. Whatever it is, it can feel like that perfect piece is just out of reach.

So why not design it yourself.

Sears Morton have a proud history of helping our customers design their very own dining settings. Custom designed to create unique masterpieces to exact specifications.

Our world class Tasmanian craftsmen ensure that your vision come to life in the highest quality. All sourced from sustainable Tasmanian timber.

Come in store today and see for yourself how beautiful these unique pieces of furniture are.

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    All Sears Morton timber and custom furniture is proudly made in Australia.