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Discover the wonders of Norway today.

From the regal rise of mountains that tower above it fjords, the midnight sun travelling the horizon and to the wonder of the shimmering Northern Lights; Norway is a land that will take your breath away. A place where nature shines.

With awe inspiring sights at every turn, it is little wonder that the worlds most amazing furniture is made here.

There is a simple joy to be had when owning a piece of Nordic furniture. You just have to try one to see for yourself what comfort can truly be.

At Sears Morton we have Australia’s largest range of Nordic brands made in Norway; Stressless, the worlds most comfortable furniture, Brunstad from just across the fjord and our latest range from Stordal.

Right now we have exclusive offers on a select range of our Nordic furniture. Come in to Sears Morton and discover the wonders of the worlds most comfortable furniture.

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