Stressless® Stella & Bella

Explore peerless Comfort by Stressless

The Stressless® exquisite attention to detail and old world craftsmanship delivers ultimate relaxation made just for you.

When Buying a new sofa, many people begin with design, colour, fabric and size. Aesthetics are important to us too, but great design is much more than what meets the eye. Introducing "the two sisters" Stressless® Bella (available in fabric only) and Stressless® Stella (available in both fabric and leather) where function goes beyond surface looks.

We focus just as much on functionality and comfort. How you sit, how the sofa adjusts to you and the feeling of complete well-being. This is what makes a difference between a good seat and a fantastic one.

To all our sofas, you will find a complimenting Stressless® recliner to complete your room.

Lean back, loosen your shoulders and feel how your whole body relaxes. 

Whether reading the paper, entertaining friends or just closing your eyes and taking a well deserved time out, a good sofa will help you appreciate this valuable time even more.

Enhance the feeling of total balance and subtle rocking motions with BalanceAdapt™. These subtle movements really heighten the comfort. The modular sofas Stressless® Bella and Stressless® Stella adapt to both your living room and your seating position.

The built-in BalanceAdapt™ system allows the seat to move with you. Recline, lean forward, lay down, put your feet up and feel how sofa and generous seat adapts to your every movement.

When the occasion calls for just a regular sofa, you can easily lock the function to stop the seat from moving.


Stressless® Stella 2.5 Seater

from $4,896


Stressless® Bella 2 Seater

from $4,575

Please visit us today and discover the true comfort and body correct support created by Stressless®.


Stressless® Paris

Experience true comfort with Stressless® Made in Norway.

For that unique comfort, look and feel, there are three different backs to choose from on our Star Base. The high back heights models are just right for those relaxing moments, while the low back model invites you to gather friends and family around the living room table.

The back with integrated neck rest comes with a back that is extra high and slim. For extra comfort a pillow is placed in a pocket at the neck and can be moved up and down for individual support. Our back with height-adjustable headrest enables you to increase the total length of the back up to 10 cm.


Stressless® Paris Low Back Chair

from $2,300


Stressless® Paris High Back Chair + Footstool

from $2,8000

  • Exclusive price offer, only available at Sears Morton!
  • The world’s most functional and comfortable seating made in Norway.
  • Build your sofa, your way. Three choices of arms, two choices of cushions,and endless choices of fabric or leather.

Stressless® Paris High Back Office Chair

from $2,800


Stressless® Paris Adjustable Headrest Chair + Footstool